Marriage Proposal at Leu Gardens, Orlando FL

Bella & Diego

One of the most exciting parts of my job is getting photograph proposals. When Diego reached out to let me know he needed a photographer to document a marriage proposal at Leu Gardens in Orlando, I was beyond thrilled.

Diego met Bella through an app. Which, I hear is how so many great love stories tend to start these days. Their first date was at a coffee shop. You know how you watch romantic movies where the characters first meet and just talk for hours upon hours until the restaurant closes and you just know that they are meant to me? That’s Bella and Diego! They are such a sweet couple. 

He knew he wanted to take Bella out on a garden date to propose. So, the perfect place to go had to be one of the best-hidden gems in Orlando, Leu Gardens. This garden sits tucked away in a lush neighborhood and offers so many beautiful, quiet spots to pop the question – including its gorgeous rose garden. 

Once the day came, Kellie and I went to the gardens early and got into stealth mode. Hanging out just outside the rose garden and waiting slightly anxiously for Bella & Diego to arrive. We set up our gear and started acting like we were taking photos of each other just so we could blend in but be ready as soon as we spotted them. Shortly after, Diego walked Bella out into the perfect spot and reached for the ring. We took off to get closer and get as many photos as we could of the sweet moments that followed. Bella was so surprised and cried happy tears! We photographed the moments that followed and then walked around the garden to get a few more photos.

Marriage Proposal at Leu Gardens

Bella & Diego you two are so in love and it is such a joy to see. We truly wish you all the best in your upcoming marriage! There really is nothing else better than marrying your best friend.

If you planning a marriage proposal at Leu Gardens or anywhere else around Orlando, please reach out and let me know! They are one of my favorite things to photograph!

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