Hello! Welcome to our first blog post.

My name is Jorge. I have the honor to call Kellie my wife.

I was born and raised in El Salvador.

Kellie was born and raised in Miami, FL.

We are the faces behind Remain Photography – Orlando based Family, Portrait, and Wedding Photographers.

In this post I’ll share about us, part of our love story, and what Remain Photography is all about.


It all began when we met back in 2006. Kellie went down to El Salvador on a mission trip. Although I spent the whole week with the team, Kellie and I had very little interaction. Finding a girlfriend was not part of my agenda for that week. A few months later I was invited by Kellie’s church to come to the USA for a year-long internship. Everything went well and I ended up moving to Miami in April 2007.

During my first week, I saw Kellie. After recognizing her I immediately crossed the room to say Hi. Without knowing, a few weeks later she became a Student ministry intern as well and we started to see each other on a daily basis. A couple of months went by and we both began to notice that we were developing feelings for each other. She was shy and timid, I was not. Little by little and after talking to very wise and important people in our lives, we took the step into a relationship and started dating.

Our very first official date back in 2007. We went to Olive Garden which I thought was super fancy. Photo Cred: Aunt Debbie.


6 months later I had to return to El Salvador. We began facing a huge challenge in our relationship – distance. Thankfully Kellie was able to travel a couple of times to El Salvador throughout the following year. On her last trip to El Salvador during one special, rainy, and beautiful night, I asked her to be my wife! We got engaged and it was of course super exciting! Yet unfortunately, she had to come back to the States. We decided that we were going to live in the U.S. and began all the paperwork. Finally 14 months after our engagement, I was able to come back. After spending about 2.5 years in a long-distance relationship, you can only imagine the joy of finally knowing we would be together at last! In March 2011 we celebrated our wedding. We’ve now been together for 11 years and married for almost 8 years.

Our Wedding Day – Photo Cred: Andy Flores


We moved from Miami to Orlando 4 years ago. Shortly after moving to Orlando the dream of having a photography business started, and finally, in 2018 we took the plunge.
I will in the near future share how Remain Photography became a reality and its challenges.

We are very passionate not just about photography but also, the people we serve.
I’m a people person, I’m an artist. I love to put these two elements together.
For me, one of the greatest feelings is capturing the essence of someone’s personality and the beauty of special moments that will indeed remain for a lifetime and beyond.


Remain Photography is also a tool that we want to use to reach out to people with very little resources. We have partnered with a ministry called Comedor El Buen Samaritano, “The Good Samaritan Kitchen”. This ministry is located in Apopa, El Salvador. This area is known for being very dangerous and ruled by gangs. Samaritan Kitchen is a non-profit organization that feeds about 140 kids every day.

These children are in the midst of poverty, extreme violence, broken homes, abuse, poor health, and the list goes on and on. The Good Samaritan Kitchen is a light in this community of brokenness. They open their doors to provide decent meals for these kids and help with education, health, and guidance. Furthermore, they provide physical and emotional support that this community most desperately needs through love. We will, of course, share more about Good Samaritan Kitchen soon! Please know that every time you do business with us, you are also helping these kids. Part of any profit we make will go to this organization.

I hope you learned a bit more about Kellie, Me, and our photography business.
We are so excited to be on this journey and appreciate you stopping by!

We hope that we get to connect with you soon!
– Jorge

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  3. […] Also know that every time you do business with us, you help Samaritan Kitchen in El Salvador. If you’d like to know more about it, please visit our first blog here: welcome-to-remain-photography […]

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