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Mead Gardens Proposal Photography

Proposal Photographer in Orlando, FL

Charissa & Johnny

Are you thinking about proposing? Are you looking for a photographer to document it, but not quite sure how to do it, so that your future fiancée won’t be automatically suspicious? Well, learn from Johnny and combine proposing with an event that a photographer would be expected to be present for, like birthday photos! Johnny started looking for a proposal photographer in Orlando because he wanted to propose to Charissa. I’m so glad he found me to capture it! He let me know right away that he wanted to use the ruse of a birthday photo session so that she wouldn’t be too suspicious. A bonus of this plan too was that because we were planning to take “birthday photos” for Charissa, some of her family and close friends were able to be present as well!

We met up with Johnny, Charissa, and a few of their friends at Mead Gardens. A favorite spot for me as a proposal photographer in Orlando. Beautiful oak trees surrounded by colorful vegetation, make this such a dreamily peaceful spot. Plus it’s perfectly located just outside of the hustle and bustle of downtown Orlando. We started off taking photos of the group, then Charissa with her friends so that Johnny would have a chance to sneak behind her to get down onto one knee without her realizing it just yet.

The moment worked perfectly and she turned to find Johnny ready to ask her to marry him. Tears immediately flooded her eyes and she responded quickly with a YES as everyone celebrated the newly engaged couple!

We got some great shots of the moment and some photos of the couple with their family and friends afterward. Charissa’s new engagement ring was stunning. We had to make sure to get some shots of it too! 

Johnny & Charissa, we wish you so much happiness! We hope you fall in love with each other more and more each and every day. Marriage is wonderful and we know you will enjoy it!

If you are wanting to propose and have family & friends around to celebrate with, I highly recommend setting up a session for a life event or “just because” family photos or even holiday photos! It’s a great way to have a photographer present to capture such a significant part of your love story.

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you are looking for a proposal photographer in Orlando.

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