Wedding Day in Orlando, FL

Wedding Day in Orlando

Orlando, Florida Wedding

Kristen & Michael

A wedding day in Orlando is usually hot and humid. This day was no exception. Despite the heat, their loved ones congregated in order to celebrate Kristen and Michael’s love.

Kristen is a good friend of ours who we met through our church. When she told us that she was getting married, we were beyond excited for her. Once we had the chance to meet Michael, we knew that he was just perfect for her, and vice-versa.

One of the many reasons I love my job is to be able to witness how two families become one. I got to see how Michael’s family embraced Kristen and her son how her family welcomed Michael as well.

Time for the Ceremony

The ceremony took place outdoors, right by a beautiful Lake which provided a gorgeous background for a wedding. Kristen and Michael love God, and their ceremony was very much centered on putting God first and starting their union as husband and wife based on their commitment to The Lord and each other.

They were so giggly and full of nervousness, the good kind though. They looked at each other and their smiles were just impossible to hide, not that they tried…

When they said “I do”, nothing but exuberant happiness radiated from both of them. They fully embraced the moment that they prayed and waited for.

After the ceremony, the celebration continued at Michael’s parents’ home. A perfect place to party and enjoy a gorgeous view of the sunset over the lake. Something that came in handy because we were able to get some great portraits by the water.

We thank Kristen and Michael for letting us photograph such an important day in their lives. We pray that their marriage will honor God and their love for each other will grow every day even more.

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