Bride and Groom Photo Session in Winter Park, FL.

Sometimes you need some wedding photo do-overs. We all have heard some stories about wedding days not going as perfectly as they were planned. From timing to weather sometimes things happen that throw us for a loop. But what if those wedding photos that you had been dreaming of couldn’t happen?! Due to several inconveniences, Dulce and Israel were not able to get photos on their wedding day!

Bride and groom Photo Session by RemainPhotography

The Wedding Day

Dulce and Israel got married in 2018 on Park Avenue in Winter Park. A charming spot surrounded by exclusive shops and fine restaurants. This lovely park is known for hosting many weddings throughout the year. They had a perfectly small and intimate ceremony with their closest family & friends.

No Photos 🙁

One of their friends gracefully volunteered to take photographs of their wedding ceremony, family, and reception. However, an emergency occurred at the very last minute and their friend was not able to attend the wedding!

It wasn’t too big of an issue because Dulce’s brother then stepped in to save the day. He owns a simple camera which wouldn’t necessarily give them “professional” looking photos but would at least help to capture the moments of this special day.

However, because of the rush of the moment, Dulce’s brother simply forgot to insert the camera battery into the camera!

It was obviously disappointing having faced so many mishaps with the cameras. At that point, the married couple went for the simplest alternative and at least get photos using the guest’s mobile phones.

Would you let me take photos for you guys?

I met Dulce a few months after her special day. We became friends and after I learned about how they didn’t have professional photos taken on her wedding day, without hesitation I asked her if she would be up for putting the dress back on, having her husband suit up and letting me do a bride and groom photoshoot for them.

She said “yes” to the dress and everything else!

We scheduled the day, time, and location. She scheduled her appointment with her make-up artist, and voila!! We met at the gorgeous Rollins College campus just down the street from where they got married to take some bride & groom portraits. Now, the rest is history.

I would recommend…

Being able to give Dulce & Israel these photos was truly a joy for me. Even if they are not from their actual wedding day, they do at least have images that capture their love as their wearing their wedding garments.

I highly recommend having a “Bride & Groom” photo session if you didn’t get the images that you were hoping for on your wedding day, for whatever the reason may be. Or even if you are happy with the photographs, but think it would be fun to get all dolled up again! You can celebrate your love and the magic of that special wedding day by capturing some additional dreamy photographs you wish you had.

Since the wedding day is very busy, sometimes even a bit stressful, you can get to do these photos done with no pressure and no hassle. You can get to be more in control of the time, location, etc. As an added bonus – you get to wear your beautiful wedding dress once again.

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Makeup: @perlarosatimakeup

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