- My coffee drinking habits are the same as the Gilmore Girls.

- A good book and a cup of tea
is my ideal Friday night.

- Being from Miami I’m basically freezing
 if the temperature
drops below 72 degrees.

- Almost every movie makes me cry since I started dating my husband. It’s like he opened the emotional flood gates or something!

- I’ve only had one boyfriend in life,
and I married him.

- The Lord of Rings Trilogy once a year is a must!

- The Ninja turtles were
my childhood obsession… cowabunga!

- I became a big reader this year.

- One of my dreams in life is to learn how to surf.

- I do something involving soccer every single day. Whether watching videos about it or playing it!

Fun facts
about Jorge


- We met on a Mission Trip in El Salvador.

- Together since 2007.

- Spent 2 years in 2 different countries while dating long distance.

-Happily Married for 8 Years.

- Perfect dates are at home.

- Picnics at the beach

- Movie nights

- Caramel Frappuccinos

- Cheesecake

- The Christmas Season

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Fun facts
about Kellie


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