Kellie's coffee drinking habits are the same as the Gilmore Girls.

A good book and a cup of tea is Kellie's ideal Friday night.

Kellie is from Miami. If the temperature drops below 72°, she's basically freezing.

Almost every movie makes her cry since she's been with Jorge. It’s like he opened the emotional flood gates or something!

She has only had one boyfriend in her life, and she married him.

Jorge was born and raised in El Salvador.

Jorge is self-taught in Photography, Videography, and editing.

The Lord of Rings Trilogy once a year is a must! 

Spain, Italy, Iceland, and Hawaii are places that Jorge would love to visit.

One of Jorge's biggest passions is soccer.

Fun facts about Jorge

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Fun facts about Kellie

About Them

They  met on a Mission Trip in El Salvador.

They spent 2 years apart while dating long distance.

They have been happily Married for 9 Years.

Perfect dates are at home.

They  Love

Picnics at the beach.

Movie Nights.

Caramel Frappuccinos.


The Christmas Season

Hello! Here is some info that you might like to know about Kellie and Jorge!
Jorge is in charge of  the Photography, Videography, and Editing.
He loves to bring the fun into the sessions.
Kellie oversees the paperwork and is more behind the scenes.
She also assists Jorge during photo sessions and gets behind the camera sometimes too.

Thank you!

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We named our business after John 15:7

Our goal in our business is to remain focused on God, serve our clients with excellence and spread the joy He has given us.