I was born and raised in El Salvador.

I'm self-taught in Photography, Videography, and editing.

The Lord of Rings Trilogy once a year is a must!

Spain, Italy, Iceland, and Hawaii are places that I would love to visit.

One of my biggest passions is soccer.


My name is Jorge and I am a Photographer in Orlando, FL who loves photographing families and weddings especially in natural light. I run Remain Photography with the help of my wife, Kellie.
I am in charge of everything related to Photography & editing, speaking with clients and making bookings. My wife works behind the scenes - running the paperwork side of things, assisting me during photo sessions when needed and every once in a while likes to get behind the camera too. We both tackle working on marketing, blogging, and the social media aspects of the business together.

Kellie and I have been married for 9 years, but we've been together for 13 wonderful years. There have been highs and lows but the love we have for each other has certainly grown stronger throughout the years.

We highly value and know the worth of relationships and we strive to bring that into every photo session and event.  

About Us

Fun Facts About Me

Kellie's coffee drinking habits are the same as the Gilmore Girls.

A good book and a cup of tea is Kellie's ideal Friday night.

Kellie is from Miami and if the temperature drops below 72°, she's basically freezing.

Almost every movie makes her cry since she's been with me. It’s like I opened the emotional flood gates or something!

I'm the only boyfriend she ever had, and then I became her husband.

Fun Facts About Kellie